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Congregation Eshel Avraham

Eshel Avraham Congregation is the only organization in Beer Sheva providing a meaningful Masorti experience, based on egalitarianism, pluralism and Zionism.
Members include a very diverse blend of families, native born Israelis as well. The Goldsmith Educational Center provides life-cycle services to all members of the community. Programs focus on expanded Jewish learning including: Jewish identity, life-cycle, conversion, tikkun olam, support services for populations in crisis and promotion and support of aliyah. 

Educational projects both formal and informal, providing knowledge and understanding of the values of Judaism, the concept of modern, tolerant, and Zionism are implemented in the eight preschool classrooms. In addition, the Rabbi is working with 8 elementary and middle school students and teachers.

Tikkun Olam activities include assistance to those in need - children and adults, and activities for the environment.  Congregation Eshel Avraham directly serves over 500 families through the congregation and the Early Childhood Center, and serves hundreds more through its array of on-going progams in the broader Beer Sheva community.

Our History and Progress

Congregation Eshel Avraham Be'er Sheva was founded nearly 40 years ago in Be'er Sheva, by a group of North American immigrants searching for a Conservative, Masorti worship service.

There were many sites for the congregation, before the construction establishment of the Goldstein Educational building, and subsequently the sanctuary, and 8 pre-school classrooms. Membership has grown to approximately 200 families, and as well, a large number of people participate in the educational and cultural activities of the community.




Morning Snack Program


In one of the Middle Schools in Beer Sheva, which has a relatively large population of children of low socio-economic background, many of the children arrive at school with no morning snack, often having had no breakfast.

This was brought to the attention of Congregation Eshel Avraham, and it was decided by us to help these children.  Senior volunteers of our Congregation make sandwiches two mornings a week for 200 children ages 12-15. The sandwiches, either tuna and spicy sauce, or yellow cheese and cucumber are delivered by the volunteers to the school.

If we receive enough donations, we'll  be able to further increase our support for more days of the week.

Appropriate recognition and certificate for each donation will be sent by us.

Support us

Tax deductible donations can be done via the Masorti Foundation For Conservative Judaism in Israel.
Please remember to designate the donation to Congregation Eshel Avraham,
and specify the project for which you would like to donate.

Donate Now

Contact Information
72 Sderot Yerushalaim,  Beer Sheva, 84811,  ISRAEL
Tel: 08-6421424     I    Fax: 08-6652887    I   www.eshel-av.org        I      Contact: eshel-av@zahav.net

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