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Who we are​

Eshel Avraham Congregation began in June 1976, when the organization established a Masorti community in Beer Sheva.
Forty-one years later, Eshel Avraham is a traditional, pluralistic and egalitarian congregation based in Beer Sheva.

The community includes 180 families from Beer Sheva and its surroundings, and provides services to 3,000 people.
The congregation emphasizes values such as equality, pluralism and Zionism.
As a traditional and egalitarian synagogue, prayers are held on Friday night, Shabbat mornings and holidays.

Additionally, Eshel Avraham provide ceremonies for all life cycle events, such as Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Aufrufs, etc.
In addition to traditional activities, members of Eshel Avraham volunteer on a weekly basis for social service, through various Tikkun Olam projects.



Tikkun Olam:
• Mid-morning meals for children at need, from Rabin High School
• Daily volunteering at Sunrise day camp, for children with cancer and their siblings
• Donations to the needy
Synagogue Prayer
Visiting the Sick
Event Committees
Committee to Support Mourners
Welcoming new immigrants


Preschool Education

Eshel Avraham operates 8 kindergarten classes, for ages 3 months to 6 years, in a private format supervised by the Ministry of Education of Israel. The kindergarten addresses a variety of needs, based on a child’s age and development. Classes provide a traditional, value-based pluralistic experience, emphasizing Jewish life and mutual respect for all people. 


Noam Masorti Movement

NOAM is a traditional Jewish pluralistic youth movement founded by the Masorti Movement.
It promotes and advances a society in which youngsters take responsibility for their futures, shaping their personal and Jewish identities. The goal is to create an active and caring citizenship that promotes an egalitarian and democratic Israeli society.
NOAM at Eshel Avraham works in partnership with Kehilat Be’erot. The boys and girls meet once a week in Eshel Avraham for fun and educational activities.


Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program

Eshel Avraham has a 3-month course preparing parents and children for their Bar / Bat Mitzvah Ceremony.
he Bnei Mitzvahs meet for about 8 sessions, some of which are group sessions dealing with study of Jewish traditional aspects of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah year, and some are specific for reading Torah and haftarah, putting on tefillin, etc.
At the end of the study, a joyous ceremony is held in which the entire family is included.


 Educational Activities for Adults

• Values and dilemmas in biblical stories
• Bible class
• Talmud class
• Tagel choir

For further information, please contact the congregation offices
Sunday to Thursday between 8:00 am to 16:00​ pm

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